Saturday, July 31, 2010

Beautiful Downtown Burbank (California)

It's been a while since I've posted anything. Have I run out things to write about? Maybe. If someone could send me a photo of Henry's Hamburgers or, hell, I don't know, the Bicentennial Parade of 1976 that took place on 79th Street, I might be able to muster up some more anecdotes. (No, no, I'll post more soon. I promise.)

In the meantime, I'm typing this post while staying in the Safari Inn in Burbank, California. (The Safari Inn is featured in the movie True Romance by the way. You may remember a particularly brutal scene that takes place there. Nonetheless, here I am.)

And last night, I actually made it down to Beautiful Downtown Burbank (the original Beautiful Downtown Burbank, north of Hollywood), and although it's neither beautiful (not in any kind of Pacific Coast Highway way, at least) nor very large of a downtown, I was still charmed by it.

This morning, I returned to shop at the farmer's market, where I bought about twenty dollars worth of pluots. If you haven't eaten a fresh pluot, you haven't yet begun living, my friends.

These photos don't do it justice -- I took a few quick snapshots this morning -- but here it is, folks: that place of myth and legend. (Maybe next week I'll approach the mayor of Burbank, CA, about making our own lovely hamlet a sister city.)

You want some Hawaiian BBQ?
(For every five storefronts, there appeared to be a restaurant in four of them. I had Thai food last night, with a side of coconut rice. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.) Two hours of free parking (a better deal than anything in Santa Monica). Used bookstores. A movie memorabilia store. Street musicians. Some dude with two dogs resting on a bench with him. All good, folks.

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